Primitive annonce officiellement l’arrivée d’un nouveau skateur

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Après avoir mis fin à une collaboration de 15 années avec DGK, Wade Desarmo vient de trouver un point de chute chez Primitive Skateboards. Il rejoint ainsi Shane O’Neill, Paul Rodriguez, Robert Neal, Diego Najera,Trent McClung, Bastien Salabanzi, Carlos Ribeiro, Nick Tucker, Devine Calloway, Brian Peacock et Francy Villani. Paul Rodriguez a offciellement annoncé l’arrivée de Wade Desarmo il y a quelques heures via un post sur instagram:

“The first time I saw @_wadedesarmo skate was his part in “It’s Official” when he skated to “Stomp” by “Young Buck” back in ’06. What caught my eye was the precise way the maneuvers were done, he did everything so crispy and picture perfect, but his posture was so casual. He’s the type of skater that when you watch him, you get really drawn in to him and his style and he’s been one of my favorites ever since that part. You know Wade has always been out there killing it, but he’s very picky on what he wants to put out there, so when his footage finally comes out, it’s always really exciting to see; everyone anticipates his footage specifically because he’s so protective over what gets out and I respect that. Whenever I have had the chance to skate with Wade, it’s always been a fun time and it always felt really natural to have him on the session. I think Wade is a perfect fit on Primitive and I would like to thank him for wanting to be on the team, we’re very proud and happy to have a skater of his caliber along with the rest of the crew and we look forward to everything that he has instore. Welcome to the #PrimitiveSkate team Wade!”

Wade Desarmo chez Primitive

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