Le Belge Jarne Verbruggen passe pro chez Element

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Jarne lives in Belgium. He grew up in his hometown of Mechelen, skating industrial parks and a mini ramp, making the best of a challenging environment and rough weather conditions. Jarne’s talent and creative skateboarding have been gradually growing ever since and reached global recognition in 2016. Jarne released 3 video parts back to back and was featured on several magazine covers that year alone. After the release of his New World Element part on The Berrics, Jarne broke the internet with the release of Never Skate Bored on Thrasher. Later during the year, Jarne partnered up with fellow Element pro rider Phil Zwijsen and released Double Impact on Thrasher and ultimately received the best double part award at the 2017 European Skate Awards.

Pro modele board Element Jarne Verbruggen


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